Ponds & Water Features

The appeal of a pond is crystal clear:
water where life lives

The aesthetic appeal of a pond or water feature is undeniable: the soothing sounds of moving water, the effervescent energy of a waterfall breaking over stones before it slides into a meandering stream. But you know who else loves freshwater ponds? The local wildlife. Between the marsh marigolds on a shallow underwater shelf and the large leaves of an orange canna lily there might be a few sheltered inches of pond that the chickadees, nuthatches and house finches find perfect for a quick bath.

Hovering dragonflies patrol the surface of your pond to dispatch visiting mosquitos and gnats. Once the tadpoles start swimming and munching on bits of algae, it’s not long until they eat their way through adolescence and become the frogs and toads devoted to clearing the area around your pond—and adjacent gardens—of a host of insect pests, including mosquitos and slugs.

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