Pondless Waterfalls

The waterfall but not the pond?
Then ditch the pond.

It’s a pondless waterfall. The water flows over the waterfall. Maybe tracks its way along a stream bed. Then it disappears. Except it doesn’t really disappear. We just hide it returning through a re-circulating system back to the waterfall. And you get to enjoy the water coming over the falls all over again.

Pondless waterfalls are one of our most popular water features at Tranquil Escapes. We are asked to design and build them because we’ve designed and built so many. We can incorporate large boulders as signature design elements and tuck moisture-loving plants in the spaces between rocks where they thrive in the wet environment.

For us, a pondless waterfall is the ultimate opportunity in design to combine technique and creativity: introducing moving water into a landscape in non traditional ways clients have never even imagined.

Pondless waterfalls are not for everyone. But for families with small children, they eliminate the risks associated with ponds because there’s no pond to fall into to. They can also fit into smaller spaces. There is less maintenance than with ponds.

If you like the sights and sounds of a waterfall but not the pond, why not ditch the pond?

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