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We build new ponds & fix up old ones

At Tranquil Escapes, we are the family-owned specialty pond construction company that designs and installs our own ponds and renovates the ones someone else built. Construction and renovation. We’ve been doing both for over twenty years.

For clients for whom we’ve built or renovated ponds or water features, we also offer openings and closings as well as maintenance services.

Designed and built for your backyard

Created to fit specific requirements, every pond or waterfall we design and build is a unique custom project. Of course, there are elements common to all water features such as liners and underlayment and pumps and pipes. But it’s not just about digging the hole and trenching the plumbing. We don’t do cookie-cutter and we don’t work with prefab kits marketed to DIYers. We’re professional pond builders and we use only professional-grade materials and equipment in our work. There’s more to creating a pond than hauling tons of dirt and dumping stones. Unlike other companies, we have the experience and expertise to install a pond without building in the problems that inevitably show up after the other guy’s truck has driven away. And we know what those problems are (for example, murky or green water caused by inadequate filtration) because we often get hired to fix them even with ponds professionally installed.

Imagine your existing pond, only better. We also do bigger.

Better ponds. We’re Tranquil Escapes, the pond company that specializes in better. Even when the pond was built by someone else.

If you bought a pond a while back because the marketing presented a beautiful picture, we can pretty much guess the issues you’re having now. Brown or sludge-filled water. A pond so covered in algae that you can’t see below the surface where it’s killing your plants and making your fish sick. A chronic dependency on jugs of chemicals and water treatments to manage poor water quality. We’re familiar with the problems because people call us to talk about fixing them.

In fact, we have long-time clients we met not because we installed their original pond or water feature but because once the murky sludgy water or the chronic leaks became too much, they called us in to completely redesign and rebuild it. Sometimes they asked us to make the pond bigger while we were at it.

At Tranquil Escapes, we fix the ponds that are built to fail. Ask us to look at your pond and we’ll tell you what the problem is. We fix minor issues on the spot. Or we give you recommendations along with cost estimates for how we can make your pond better. And if you want it bigger, we can often do that too.

Natural filtration endorsed by Mother Nature

When it comes to filtration, at Tranquil Escapes we believe in putting plants to work. It’s an approach endorsed by Mother Nature.

One of the most important parts of any koi or fish pond or large water feature is the filtration system. When we look at a pond with poor water quality, inadequate filtration is often a major factor. Poor filtration practices are common with DIY ponds and, unfortunately, even in some professionally installed water features. The water is murky, green or brown with dead and decaying algae. Some ponds use ionizer systems that release copper or zinc because these metals kill algae. But the National Center for Biotechnology Information, a branch of US National Institutes of Health, has warned that the metal toxicity of copper and zinc that is deadly to algae can also kill off other aquatic life, such as koi, if not closely monitored.

We prefer an approach that does not depend on toxic metals and jugs of chemicals: wetland filtration. Sometimes called bog filtration, it puts aquatic plants to work in your pond absorbing the nutrients that algae live on as well as other undesirable bacteria, sediment and dangerous substances. We use natural aggregates and plants in a separate filtration zone, allowing pond water to flow into the bottom of the wetland filter, push upward through the aggregate and soak the roots of the plants that remove harmful compounds from the water. The result is clean water that does not depend on metals or chemicals. Mother Nature would be pleased.

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