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We are a family owned Specialty Pond Construction Company, now over 20 years in business. We also offer pond renovations and pond repairs. We currently service ponds between Niagara and the GTA, and we will build a new pond or natural swimming pond across Southern Ontario.

Some ponds make tranquility visible.
That’s the type we build.

Re-imagine that place where your pond waits to be unearthed. A pond for koi. Or a water garden with lilies and goldfish. And a waterfall and a stream. Or maybe just the waterfall without the pond. We’re the company that can make it happen. Tranquil Escapes Ponds & Water Gardens.

For more than twenty years, our ponds and water gardens have been bringing tranquility to life. Building ponds—tranquility included at no extra charge.

Tranquil Escapes

Koi ponds, ponds for small fish & water gardens

We build them all. And they’re all different with different requirements.

We start by listening to you. We learn about your vision for your pond. We’re professional pond builders with the experience and imagination to show you how your pond can be the best it can be.

If you have an idea for the perfect pond in your mind, we have the ideas for putting it in the ground. That’s Tranquil Escapes: pond builders with ideas as well as shovels.

Tranquil Escapes

A waterfall without the pond

It’s about the sight and sound of running water without the pond. They’re called “pondless waterfalls.” At Tranquil Escapes, we have extensive experience building custom pond-free waterfalls as well as other water features including streams.

Ask us about your pondless waterfall. While you’re thinking about that relaxing sound of water cascading over stones, we can be creating the design to make it happen. Imagine water flowing over the waterfall. Imagine it without the pond.

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