Swimming Ponds and Natural Swimming Pools

Are you considering a Natural Swimming Pool or Swimming Pond

If you have already done some research on Natural Swimming Pools or Swimming Ponds, you likely know that the water circulates much the same as our recreational ponds or large koi ponds shown here on our website. In fact, Tranquil Escapes has been using wetland filtration concepts for over 20 years. Water flows through media and plants to maintain healthy and clear water, much like Mother Nature does with large bodies of water. The Tranquil Escapes management team had the opportunity to attend the 2023 International Natural Swimming Pool Conference in Belgium. The IOB conference consisted of two days of in class conference and learning and two days of Natural Swimming Pool tours in Belgium. It was an incredible experience! We are already looking forward to attending the next conference in Austria.

European countries have been embracing the idea of natural bathing waters for decades and they have developed standards for the construction and bio-filtration systems as well. The City of Edmonton constructed the first Canadian public Natural Swimming Pool at Borden Park in 2018.  So, the option of constructing a natural swimming pool is slowly becoming more common here in Canada. 

If you are considering a residential Natural Swimming Pool/Swimming Pond, feel free to contact us for more information. Natural Swimming Pools do require careful planning, design, applicable permits depending on the municipality, so it is best to start the conversation early. The timeline from planning to construction can be months in duration, not weeks.

You can see some of the Natural Swimming Pools that we toured during the IOB conference in Belgium

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