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Spring pond opening or pond cleaning

Spring Pond Services and Opening:

Depending on the size of your pond, spring services include draining the pond, removing fish temporarily, powerwashing the rockery and waterfalls, filters, cleaning the skimmer and filters if applicable, refill the pond, climitize fish and return fish to the pond, install pump and filters and accessories, start up the pond. Perform a visual inspection after start -up to verify equipment is operating properly and no leaks detected.  Spring pond service typically takes 3-5 hours depending on the size and compelxity of the water feature.

If you wish to have a quote, please email us your name and address,  a few photos of the pond along with the overall rough dimensions (length x width x depth) and approximately how many fish and size of fish. ( fish numbers do not need to be accurate it is more to estimate the size of stock tanks needed for fish during cleaning. For example, we have 10 or less goldfish, or 10-20 gold fish, 50 plus gold fish, etc.  If you have larger fish (koi please estimate how many and general size such as 12 inches or less in length, 12-24" in length, etc.).   Please email this information to  or you can call us or text same info and photos to 6472257959 and we will be in touch.

On average, a full spring pond service for a common backyard pond is between $475 and $550 plus hst for small to medium size pond.  Larger ponds, such as 10 ft by 20 ft plus, and over 24 inches deep could incur additonal cost. First time cleaning ( if pond has had leaves/debris decaying for several years or there is thick layer of decayed debris at the bottom) can also incur additional cost.

Country Pond or Recreational pond Maintenance/Improvements and Pond Weed Control

If you have a large country pond, farm pond or receational pond, we also offer water improvement services, weed management, aeration installations and large wetland/bog filtration systems to improve water quality.

Fall Shut Down Service:

When you are ready to shut the pond down for the winter, we also provide fall shut down services.  This involves covering your pond with a net if you are prone to heavy leaves/debris falling into the pond, remove excess leaves and debris from the pond, cut back accessible plants,  drain water systems and blow them out with air to remove all water, prepare your waterfalls/filters for winter, remove the pump, install your heater or bubbler. Cost for a typical fall shut down service for an average backyard pond ranges from $250 to $350 plus hst depending on the size and complexity of the water feature, and location.

Regular Pond Maintenance Services:

If you require assistance with regular maintenance for the pond over the season, monthly visits for example to assist with cleaning filters, skimmers, pump, removal of exess debris/leaves that may fall in, water quality checks, we can also provide this service.

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