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Pond Tips for the Winter Months

Now that the pond is winterized and if you have fish hopefully you have a pond aerator/bubbler or a pond heater maintaining a hole in the surface. One thing that can happen over the winter months is the electrical supply can shut off at the pond (typically from a ground fault tripping at the electrical box especially if they are not a true all season electrical box with a cover to protect against rain/sleet). Now the pond bubbler or heater may be shut off without you knowing about it for weeks or longer and fish can parish. I have opened ponds in spring to find fish have parished and electrical supply has been tripped "off".

TIP #1 So one tip is make sure that the electrical supply to the pond bubbler/heater is functioning and has not shut off. If you do not want to check constantly, you could install a low wattage outdoor light beside the pond and plug it into the same electrical box as the bubbler/heater and this way if your light goes out, it is a signal that you may have an issue or just a blown light bulb.

TIP #2 Another common mistake when a bubbler is installed, is the tubing between the bubbler and the air stone is not cut to length. This can result in the all the extra tubing being coiled up into a pile.  The problem with this, is that, as temperatures go up and down, condensation can build in the tubes and form an ice block and this cuts off the air supply.  So it is better to cut the tubes to length (within reason) make sure you have placed the airstones as desired, placed the bubbler well away from the pond edge per installation instructions, then cut the tubing to length to avoid cutting them too short.  This will help keep the bubbler working more effectively, especially during winters periods when tempratures may rise and drop, such as during late winter/early spring.

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