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Extremely Large Ponds or Recreational Ponds

The owners of this existing  pond wanted to improve the the overall water quality and appearance of this pond.  There was no water circulation or filtration taking place at the time the owners purchased this property. The fallen-in waterfall feature was removed to prevent further collapse into the pond.  A new large natural bog was created at one end of the pond to filter the water and water inlets were also installed to circulate the water to various points of the pond.  A new external driven pump was installed to pump the water.  A new cedar arch bridge was built to provide access to the existing island in the pond so that a sitting area could be enjoyed on the island.

Recreational ponds or very large ponds can add a whole new set of backyard opportunities, particulararly for large country properties. From paddleboating to playing on sand beaches or taking a dip to cool off.  This pond shown has similar natural filtration systems which are used in Natural Swiimming Ponds or Natural Swimming Pools which have been around for decades in Europe and they are gradualy being seen here in Canada and the USA.  A combination of a large filtration wetland/bog combined with plants help maintain a clean and clear water system without the need to add chemicals to keep water clear.
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