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Pond shut down or pond closing service

Pond shut Down or pond closing

If you require assistance with shutting down your pond, please call us or text us at the number below.  If it is the first time for Tranquil Escapes to winterize the pond, it is helpful if you can email us a photo at or you can also call us or text us and attach a photo to 6472257959 so we can view your pond when we dicuss the closing services you require and any products you may need for the shut down ( Aerators, netting, etc.).

Winterizing the pond involves covering your pond with a net if you are prone to heavy leaves/debris falling into the pond, remove excess leaves and debris from the pond, cut back accessible plants,  drain water systems and blow them out with air to remove all water, prepare your waterfalls/filters for winter, remove the pump, install your heater or bubbler. Cost for  typical fall shut down service for an average backyard pond ranges from $275 to $325 plus hst depending on location and additional costs will apply if you require equipment/net.

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